Children’s Decorative Hijabs

What’s black, yellow, incredibly adorable and Muslim? A child in a bee themed children’s decorative hijab!

Recently, a group named Niqabiz contacted ProductMuslim about a hijab collection designed for children. Niqabiz seems to be a small personal business and currently does not have a web store available, however, some of their collection can be seen at and they receive orders via email at

I couldn’t help but post about this product. Each design looks well thought out with careful attention to detail. Even external parts of the hijab, such as the antenna and wings shown in the bee themed decorative hijab above, are well incorporated with the overall design. I can imagine any child looking adorable in one of these, if the above wasn’t enough to convince you then I present to you Ms. LadyBug Hijab and Miss Queen Hijab:

I think I’ve proven my point regarding the ‘cuteness’ factor of these decorative hijabs.

The question I pose now is if they’re appropriate? Unfortunately, in this world of misunderstanding, there are many, many misconceptions about the hijab. Muslims know that children of this age do not need to wear a head cover but most others do not. Heck, many non-Muslims still think our sisters shower with their hijabs on. Is this sort of image for children harmful towards others understanding the role of the hijab in Islam? Or is it a trivial issue of misunderstanding that could help start useful dialogue and discussion among people?

These decorative hijabs could also act as a great way for children to practice wearing a head cover at a young age. I’m not sure if girls ever practice wearing the hijab before wearing it full time but my thinking is that everyone needs to start somewhere, why not do so in a fun way?

Since I’m not a woman nor have any children of my own, I thought it would be best to ask others what they thought of the product? Would you dress your loved one in a children’s decorative hijab? Why or why not?

I was personally surprised hearing some of the responses from the iHijab article and so I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of these.

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!

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